Marilyn Monroe layout

Hello crafty friends!
The entire month has past with planning to participate in Prima's April Challenge with a gorgeous moodboard. 
And here I comes at the last moment..

I decided to made an homage to the beautiful Marilyn Monroe with a layout.
Finally opened Prima's watercolors and made the background. they're amazing! highly recommend.
Hope you'll like it :)

Time to make a dream come true

This time I happy to share canvas that i made for the wonderful challenge - More than words - Dream&Black\white+1

I have a huge dream!
One that I would be happy to carry out,
One that I will do anything to happen,
One whose realization would make me so happy,
Such a real dream, from my heart.
I'd like to get up one morning,
And fulfill my own dreams. not the sort of thing I'd like to fulfill so that my parents will be proud,
so that my children will be happy, so that my friends will love me a bit more,
But to actually do what I really want from the bottom of my heart.
Stop thinking what they will say, what they will think, what they will do..
So it is not really black or white and it's like everything in life.. to find the right balance between everything.
Finally at the age of 32, begins to do it with little pink touches of positivity :)

vintage style

So love vintage style. colors, textures ..
I always say I was born at the wrong time :) i would be happy to live in the 20's.

This month i made an entry item for my apartment, inspired by the lovely challenge from berry71bleu's blog - April challenge

I challenged myself to make wood texture myself. The wooden base, these are the rectangles of a chipboard which I painted as a "wood".
The frame is a mold, which i painted in rust colors to give the impression that it had been a while.
Throughout the process I used finn's products that I really like.
I hope you'll like it :)

Some close up..

...My butterfly

Hello crafty friends!

Today i share with you new mixed media canvas that really enjoyed to make.
The pupa transformation to butterfly is so amazing and beautiful, and for me, to take basic products and create from them something "beautiful", that's the whole story, like butterfly.
It seems easy and fast but requires process, time, training and perseverance .. I'm not always happy with the result but try always enjoy the process :)
I hope you'll like it..

Thanks to More than words March challenge - Beautiful&Butterfly, beauty and butterflies are going hand in hand with my eyes. it was a great challenge!

 This month I was first exposed a great store with a magical challenge - Creative embellishments - March challenge - about "something that flies", with absolutely magical pic to inspired.
so, love the purple and butterflies are totally magical, colorful and...flies :)

Spring is coming

Hello crafty friends!
Last month I was the winner of the February Challenge of the blog berry71bleu. very happy and honored to be the winner!
This month i'm their guest designer of March Challenge on the blog. the mood board amazing and so inspired me. realy enjoy to make this project.
Here in Israel we are preparing for the Passover holiday, the Spring festival. This challenge is so suitable for this holiday, a combination of the flowered and the end of the winter, love it.

The colors are so special and beautiful so I took white flowers and painted them.
I used Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays and some several home-made spray i made.

I took a embroidery hoop and built a floral and romantic composition, hoping you would like it :)

And some close up

Thanks you Berry71bleu's blog of chosen me as your GD :)

3 שלבים ו...וואו

כשמבקשים ממני לעשות "משהו" מרשים ואני קצרה בזמן(קורה רוב הזמן..), אני עושה את הכרטיסים האלו.
אני יודעת שהרבה נרתעות ממיקסד מדיה, אבל היי! זה ממש לא מסובך ומורכב..
אז טיזר קטנטן להמשך...
סדנת אונליין למיקסד מדיה קליל עם תוצאה הכי מרשימה ומושקעת ובדרך קלילה שפיתחתי לעצמי. 3 שלבים וזהו.
יודעת שלרובכן אין חומרי מיקסד מדיה זמינים בשלוף..אז תתכוננו לקיט מהסרטים!
יהיה בו מכל טוב עם כל מה שצריך לכרטיסים.
סטנסיל(שבלונה), פלאטה(כלי למריחת מדיומים), צבעי ספריי, קישוטי מתכת, פרחים, אבקות, מדיומים...בקיצור, הכל מהכל וכרגיל, של החברות הכי הכי :)
יש למה לצפות!